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From The Top

Sep 9, 2020

You could very well argue that Bonnie Tu is the most powerful woman in cycling, although she wouldn’t think of describing herself that way. She’s best known as the face of the LIV brand she created back in 2008, but more than that she’s the Chairperson of the largest bike brand in the world: The Giant Bicycle Group. What does that mean? Quite simply – she runs the entire show.

Giant Bicycles is a $2.1B per annum publicly traded company that produces millions of bikes per year, not to mention being the manufacturer for a number of other largest most reputable bike brands in the industry.

Giant was founded in 1972 – that’s 48 years ago, and Bonnie was one of the founding shareholders and as you’ll hear, very influential in many of the companies foundations and pathway during its history.

This is the growth story of Bonnie Tu and not necessarily the story of Giant Bicycles or LIV. But they’re so intertwined that it’s hard not to tell one without the other.