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From The Top

Jun 9, 2020

Josh Poertner isn’t your typical cycling industry personality. In fact, he’s not your typical anything. He’s one of those people that when you meet him, you’re taken back by a man who is filled with enthusiasm, curiosity, positive energy, and intelligence that really makes him stand out from most human beings.

These days, you may associate Josh’s name as the man who reinvented Silca, the Italian tyre pump brand founded over a hundred years ago. But as with most of these stories, it was far from a straight path, and anything but easy. He started as a keen and talented cyclist, who later became a brilliant engineer who got his feet wet in motorsport and later went on to be an enormous influence in making the Zipp wheel brand what it is today.

Josh’s story is nowhere close to being finished and dare I say we’ll see so much more from him and Silca in the next decade and more. Josh is a fairly regular guest on our weekly show and nerd alert podcasts, so check back regularly to get his clever insights, and to keep up with what he’s doing. Also, don’t forget to support Josh by going to when thinking about a new pump, a set of alenkeys,  a titanium anodised drinking straw if that’s your thing, or whatever he’s cooking up next.