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From The Top

May 7, 2020

Strava has become ubiquitous in over 50 million athlete’s lives and is arguably the most relevant social network to anyone who loves to sweat.

Michael Horvath and Mark Gainey are the co-founders of Strava who have been lifelong friends who quite literally changed how we interact with our cycling in both real life and with each other online.

The reason I was so interested in hearing Michael and Mark’s story was not only because they’ve created an amazing brand and product that most of us use, but the went about it in a very different way than most of the companies you’ll near in this podcast. Creating Strava wasn’t their first trip to the rodeo. Were experienced successful knowledgable entrepenuaers, they made some very deliberate decisions early on about the foundations of the company that have taken Strava to where it is today, and into the next 20 years.

But there are many similarities too. It started from nothing but a single idea and only passion fuelling the fire, and as you’ll discover, creating Strava hasn’t been the straightforward journey that you might think about when you log on every day.

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