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From The Top

May 19, 2020

Most businesses we've spoken to so far have had relatively straightforward journey, but Wahoo Fitness is not one of those who fit that mould. Chip Hawkins is the company’s founder and believe it or not, the Wahoo business started off in, well you’ll probably never guess it….boat docks. That’s right, floating boat docks. But it was a good business with interesting problems that Chip loved to solve. 
Chip is an engineer, and entrepreneur, a tinkerer, and most importantly someone who loves to throw himself neck deep in fixing problems to make something better - and and it usually starts, only himself and his own needs.
Chip’s story is one that proves that if you see a problem and you care enough to solve it for yourself and maybe a few friends, there’s likely a market out there for a business to take shape. And as Chip points out and believes, the most important thing is that you have to try.