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From The Top

Aug 18, 2020

As we continue our theme of individual icons within the sport, in this episode we hear the story of Matthew Keenan - a man who is slowly but surely becoming the new voice of cycling, taking over the highest job in cycling commentary just three years ago when he and Robbie McEwen replaced Paul Sherwin and Phil Liggett as the host announcers for the Tour de France.

The word passion can often be used as a shortcut for people to describe how strongly they feel about something, but true passion, the kind Matt Keenan demonstrates for cycling and commentary, is build in increments - decades of it - ensuring everything he does goes towards what he’s trying to achieve.

For those who know Matt personally, they’ll tell you that while he's never short of works, he’s incredibly humble and deflects away from talking about himself. His story from aspiring pro cyclist, to local venue commentator, all the way to now being the Tour de France’s anchor commentator is surprisingly well documented, so in this episode I reached out to various friends and people who influenced Matt throughout his career to add some other perspectives.

I’ve known and worked with Matt in various capacities for 10 years now and have always looked up to his professionalism, his knowledge, and his relentless, but patient pursuit of his craft.

This is his story.